Boro Park and Lakewood Have Most Amazon Sellers

According to recent analysis by Marketplace Pulse, for top sellers whose business addresses can be reliably determined, Brooklyn, New York hosts the zip code with the most Amazon US-based sellers.

Top 10,000 sellers on were considered because, as a group, they represent the majority of the marketplace total sales. Each seller in the group has yearly sales exceeding $1 million. The marketplace itself has over a million active sellers; although many of them sell only a few products a month.

Among US-based sellers, most are based in California, representing 22% of US sellers. Other common locations include New York, Florida, and Texas. These four biggest states make up 50% of US sellers.

11219 zip code in Borough Park, Brooklyn is the single most populous zip code. 08701 zip code in Lakewood comes in second place. Borough Park and Lakewood are home to large Orthodox Jewish communities.

“There is a certain transformation that is going on right here,” said Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, who runs a nonprofit called Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs. “This is like the Gold Rush in the 1840s. Whenever there is an economic shift, it opens up opportunity.”

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