Bochurim Spend an ‘Hour With the Rebbe’

Thousands of bochurim from over 30 yeshivas flocked to 770 for the annual ‘Hour with the Rebbe’ program in 770 today.

A highlight of the Bochurim’s Yud Shvat visit, the hour is a video of the Rebbe that includes a collection of sichos and niggunim related to Yud Shvat, hiskashrus, and shlichus.

Participating Yeshivos include: Baltimore, Brunoy, Chicago, Chovevei Torah Mesivta, Cincinnati, Coral Springs, London Zal, Los Angeles Mesivta, Los Angels Zal, Miami Mesivta, Miami – Torah Or, Monsey, Montreal Mesivta, Montreal Zal, Moscow, New Haven Mesivta, New Haven Zal, Oholei Torah Mesivta, Ohelei Torah Zal, Poconos, Postville, Queens, Toras Emes, Toronto Mesivta, Toronto Zal, Toronto – Or Tememim, Tzfas – Tzeirei Hashluchim, and Westchester. Ohelei Torah and Lubavitcher Yeshivahs’ 8th grades participated as well.

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