Bochurim Gear Up for Chabad YU Shabbaton

In just a few weeks, Oholei Torah’s Shiur Daled and Yeshiva University will be teaming up for a grand Achdus Shabbaton in Crown Heights.

Many of the participants are members of ChabadYU and attend the Thursday night “Chassidus and Sushi” program, which attracts around 50 YU students weekly to study Chassidus together with 50 bochurim from Oholei Torah, in a beautiful display of unity.

The Shabbaton however, draws a broader audience.

For many students, this will be their first time experiencing the Chassidic Shabbos package, from Friday night davening in the Rebbe’s room to inspiring Shabbos farbrengens and a Havdalah extravaganza.

The program is run from start to finish by the Oholei Torah Bochurim.

However, say the organizers, they can’t pull this off without your help. Please become a partner and help smash the goal of raising $10,000, making this the greatest Shabbaton ever!

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