Sense of Urgency at 770 Chof Ches Nissan Gathering

Bochurim and anash gathered Thursday night in 770, for a kinus in honor of chof ches nissan. The kinus was addressed by Rabbi Yosef. Y. Braun, Rabbi Sholom Charitonov, Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, and Rabbi Reuven Wolf. Rabbi Aron Ginsberg was the MC.

Special guest Rabbi Reuven Wolf from Los Angeles compared the times we live in to taking a long flight, complete with all kinds of difficulties and discomforts. You finally arrive at your destination, but you can’t get off the flight yet. You’re at the gate but they won’t let you disembark. The Rebbe told us 28 years ago that we’ve arrived. Now we’re stuck at the gate for 28 years!

Rabbi Wolf went on to describe in his very own unique way how the times we live in, the political times specifically, are all pointing to the realizations of the prophecies of acharis hayomim.

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