Bochur Publishes Study Guide for Rebbe’s Letters

When Yeshivas Lubavitch Baltimore split up Igros Kodesh as a present for 11 Nissan, they ran into many code-like acronyms. A new publication compiled by Hatomim Ari Oirechman and published by Kehot Publication Society aims to solve that issue.

A new publication compiled by a team led by Hatomim Ari Oirechman, and published by Kehot Publication Society aims to make the study of the Rebbe‘s Igros Kodesh more accessible, giving many more the opportunity to learn the invaluable correspondence.

The Rebbe’s Igros Kodesh is perhaps the best resource if one wants to learn what the Rebbe’s outlook is on so many of the questions one might face. Whether in times of joy or sadness, if a question arises regarding a spiritual matter or a challenge involving parnasah, one can almost always find the topic in the 32 volumes of Igros Kodesh (volume 33 is on its way) and read how the Rebbe shines an entirely new light on the subject.

Learning Igros Kodesh, however, can be a challenge even for one well versed in Loshon Hakodesh. The volumes are replete with roshei teivos – acronyms – including tens of names of seforim that aren’t commonly known.

When Yeshivas Lubavitch Baltimore split up Igros Kodesh as a preparation for 11 Nissan last year, they quickly ran into the many roshei teivos. Ari Oirechman, a bochur in Baltimore at the time, came up with an idea.

“Since the entire Igros was being learned, we had each bochur write down any roshei teivos he encountered,” Ari told, “and by the end of the mivtza, we had a full database of all roshei teivos in Igros.”

This week, in honor of Yud Shvat 70 years, the 50-page booklet was published by Kehot Publication Society, and feedback has already been coming in.

“A shliach texted me that he had just finished telling someone that learning Igros with all roshei teivos, is like lehavdil, someone from another era trying to read contemporary text messages” Levi Katz, a bochur on the compiling team, related “he was so happy to know that this resource now exists”

The Luach Roshei Teivos is now in stores now at a subsidized price. Kehot will also be giving the Luach as a gift to those who request it when purchasing a full set of the Rebbe’s Igros Kodesh in the showroom.

A special thank you goes to those who helped bring this Luach to print: the bochrim and hanhala of Yeshivas Lubavitch Baltimore 5779, Hatmimim Ari Oirechman and Levi Katz, Rabbi Dovid Olidort, Rabbi Aaron Leib Raskin, Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook and Rabbi Aaron Slonim. Tremendous appreciation goes to the financial backers, notably Shuli Eizicovics and Shmuly Levitin.

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