Bochur Compiles Rebbe’s Teachings on Sotah

A collection of the Rebbe’s teachings on masechta Sotah is the product of one young bochur’s hard work. “I always loved learning the Rebbe’s biurim on Gemara,” he told

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During the days of Sefira when it is customary to learn Masechta Sotah, one bochur spent his time compiling and publishing all the Rebbe’s teachings on different parts of the Gemara.

In a conversation with, he explained “I always loved learning the Rebbe’s Biurim on Gemara, but there is no Sefer of all the Rebbe’s Biurim on Shas. So using Rabbi Seligson’s Maftei’ach on Sichos Kodesh, I decided to put together summaries of Sichos and Ma’amarim on Masechta Sotah.”

For the convenience of the reader, the Sichos are summarized and translated into English. The booklets are published once a week with the Biurim for that week’s Gemara.

To download the Rebbe’s teachings on the first 34 blatt click here.

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