Bnei Brak Cheder Enters Second Decade

By reporter

At 8:00 the familiar signal at rang through Bnai Menachem Cheder as the Rebbe’s voice reciting “Modeh Ani L’fonecha” was heard over the PA system. Hundreds of excited children accompanied by their parents entered their classrooms where they were greeted by their smiling rebbis.

Principals Rabbi Yerachmiel Belinov and Rabbi Mendy Greenfeld were on hand to greet everyone. Each child was welcomed with a special gift, and then a lebedige Rosh Chodesh davening began.

Parents expressed appreciation for the effort that went in to beautify the school premises, providing the the boys with a pleasant atmosphere in which to learn. New furniture was added, as well as signs showing the Tzivos Hashem programs that happen during the year.

The cheder board thanks Mayor Avrohom Rubinstein of Bnei Brak and the City Council for their help in acquiring new classroom furniture, and Councilman Peretz Abramowitz for his assistance all year round.

Photo credits: Yossi Rivkin

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