BMD Detroit Announces Head Staff

BMD Detroit is proud to announce their head staff for the summer of 5779. Head counselors will be Tzvi Alperowitz from Bournemouth, England and Levi Feldman from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Learning director will be Yisroel Slonim from Binghamton, NY.

BMD provides a warm chassidishe atmosphere for bochurim finishing 7th and 8th grade to grow during the summer months. A truly enjoyable summer experience of learning, davening, and farbrengens. Hand-in-hand with the terrific learning program is exciting activities, sports, and trips.

Gan Yisroel Detroit is located on a 600-acre nature reserve of lush forests, three private lakes, and natural habitats in northern Michigan. The bochurim will enjoy miles of hiking trails, numerous playing fields, a large range of water activities on the large lake in the center of camp, and swimming in the state of the art heated swimming pool.

Alperowitz and Feldman say they are excited to be bringing years of camp experience, as campers, staff, and head staff, to BMD. “The bochurim are at a crucial age when they are getting ready to enter mesivta. We are excited to help them prepare and to gain the most out of this most important time in their lives.”

Yisroel Slonim said that when asked to join the staff of BMD as learning director, he immediately thought of the tremendous opportunity he has, “I’m excited to bring my experience in making the Rebbe’s Torah more accessible to the bochurim of BMD. We are looking forward to helping them grow in their hiskashrus and learning.”

BMD is directed by Rabbi Levi and Chanee Raichik, shluchim in Athens, OH.

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