Bethesda Celebrates Lag B’Omer with Drive-In Theater

Shluchim R’ Sender and Nechamie Geisinsky of Chabad Bethesda came up with an unique way for 150 of their members to gather and celebrate Lag B’Omer while keeping social distancing.

Around 150 members of the Chabad of Bethesda Community were able to transcend the social-distancing protocols brought on by the Coronavirus and to join together in a unique, non-virtual fashion.

Thanks to the out-of-the box thinking of Chabad Co-Directors R’ Sender and Nechamie Geisinsky in turning the parking lot of the local Jewish Private School into a Pop-Up Drive-In Jewish Movie Theater! 

The event was held with full coordination and sign-off by the local county Health Dept and included the screening of two Jewish films, one for kids and one for an older audience. The evening began with a Torah thought, a chapter of Tehillim and 12 pesukim, and the depositing of coins given to each vehicle for Tzedaka.

The films were then projected on a massive 30 foot screen and the audio was broadcasted over the FM airwaves directly into each vehicle.

To round out this special evening was the presence of DC’s only Kosher Food Truck allowing for all participants to enjoy made-to-order Glatt Kosher dinners to enjoy along with their films.

The event was enthusiastically received by the community! All participants were overjoyed to be able to get out of their houses and join their friends, neighbors, and fellow Jews to celebrate the Holy Day of Lag B’Omer

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