Beth Rivka Launches One Million Brochos Campaign

Beth Rivkah launches a $1,000,000 matching campaign to keep the BRochos alive in 2020.

The annual Beth Rivkah matching campaign is now live at

Over the past few years, Beth Rivkah has taken considerable steps in a multi-year plan  to move the school forward for today’s students. 

To succeed, learning must be personal. Teachers must be present and aware of the need. And above all else, chinuch must be an active, relevant connection to the teachings of our Rebbeim. In this way, we can impart students with the eternal confidence to live their fullest potential as a bas Chabad.  Beth Rivkah endeavors to inspire girls with the fortitude, determination, and respect to set appropriate boundaries and be a light of chassidus to others.

Today, the campaign celebrates the many brochos of a Beth Rivkah education and the ways it has inspired lifelong impact for tens of thousands―helping each girl fulfill her greater mission. Here students learn strength and humility. Integrity and modesty. Tzedaka, emunah and bitachon.

To support our educators in this most essential work, educating the next generation of Chabad, please make a donation. Every dollar will be doubled until tomorrow at 10PM, thanks to the support of our amazing group of matchers.

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