Benny Friedman Releases ‘Whispers of the Heart’

In a new album released by Benny Friedman he peels away the usual musical accompaniment, and leaves us with the heart of the Niggun. “When the offer to make the CD came up, I couldn’t resist” Benny told

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What do the days of Sefira, the Three Weeks, and Quarantine all have in common? These are all times when we are called upon to strip away all the externalities of life, all the extra noise, and focus on the essence.

In Whispers of the Heart, a new album produced by Doni Gross and sung by Benny Friedman, takes 10 songs that we already know and love, peels away all the musical accompaniment that we are used to, and leaves us with the heart of the niggun. Here are 10 songs that you have surely heard before, in a way that you have never heard them.

When asked about the motivation for the new album, Benny explained to “Doni Gross has been making Acapella CDs for a long time. So when he reached out to me and suggested a safe and quick way to make a CD in this crazy time, I couldn’t resist.”

“We took songs from different eras, classics, recent releases, obscure, and reimagined them in an effort to reach the essence, or the heart of the song,” he said. “We tried to let the song say what it wants to say without all of the dramatic accompaniment that usually define our music.”

Listen here to an audio sampler of these 10 majestic songs. Click here to preorder the album.

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