Become a Partner in the Work of ‘Ask the Rav’

Harav Yosef Braun and the team behind explain why they founded the website and how you can help in its success.

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Just a month ago announced the dedication of their much used and loved platform in memory of our unforgettable Mara D’Asra – Harav Ahron Yaakov Schwei a”h. 

“When I came here originally, I realized right away that the phone was not an option,” Rabbi Yosef Braun said. “People keep calling asking the same question, many people can’t get through or their call gets disconnected in the middle, on Erev Yom Kippur for example I could get the same question hundreds of times again and again.”

Using email instead seemed just as challenging, they received so many emails it became impossible to answer them all and know who still needed to be answered.

The solution would need to be a single place where the community can submit their question or see if their question has already been answered before.

That’s why they came up with, a website where you can see a database of questions and answers.

Rabbi Mendel Notik a Meishiv for explains “Even for simples things sometimes someone might not have anyone to ask or someone is embarrassed to ask. Asktherav gives the people a chance to ask any halacha, anonymously.”

Rabbi Levi Goldgrab, admin of, says that “to date we have gotten over 8,500 questions submitted, over 1,500 questions and answers, with extensive Mareh Mekomos on our website, all backed by a team of 20 dedicated Rabbonim and Meshivim, all backed by Rabbi Braun.”

Now they are turning to their valued users, to partner with them in the great work they do, and allow them to achieve much more by broadening our activities.

“Baruch Hashem, and thank you, for the tremendous response from our community.”

“Please consider upgrading your partnership to a monthly one. Even a small consistent partnership goes a very long way,” they said.

Their goal is to have at least 1000 of our users join as active members by Shavuos.

We ASK you, please help us enable you to AskTheRav. 

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