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The Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim, established 19 years ago with the guidance of senior Mashpi’im & Roshei Yeshiva, provides every Bochur with the tools they need for Hiskashrus, in these challenging times.

Over the years, the Vaad has introduced a plethora of programming that impacted a generation of Bochurim. This past year, the Vaad has grown exponentially – most notably with the extremely successful ‘Halikut’ program. Over the last month, as a Hachana to Gimmel Tammuz the Vaad has implemented the unprecedented Mivtza ‘Hanochos’, a Mivtza Inyonei Geula U’moshiach, 3 different Shabbosos Hachana, uniting some 2,500 Bochurim, viewings of Yud Shvat 5735 and much more.

In this week of Gimmel Tammuz – 25 years, when the urgency of our work is so strongly felt, please consider partnering with the Vaad, with a gift of $250 (minimum).

Please partner with us today – YOUR children depend on it!

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