Bayis Raffle Announces Winners

The Bayis Raffle has announced the two fortunate members of Anash who won rent covered and 100 sifrei Chassidus.

Mazal Tov, The Bayis Raffle has Been Drawn and the Winner is…

Thousands of individuals from around the world have participated in the 6th annual Bayis Raffle.

The raffle has been drawn and we are happy to announce that the prize of 6 months of rent has been awarded to:

R’ Bentzi Taubenfliegel – Far Rockaway, New York.

and 100 Sifrei Chassidus has been awarded to:

R’ Itchi Grossbaum – Thornhill, Ontario.

Ohr HaChassidus is an organization that is dedicated to bringing relatable and easy to read Chassidic teachings that maintain their authenticity and depth. In addition to the weekly publication ‘Likras Shabbos’, Ohr HaChassidus also produces a daily publication called ‘Litepoints’ and has published a number of books, with many more on the horizon. Thanks to all who participated, we can bring these projects to fruition and bring Chassidus into the lives of thousands of more individuals.

Rabbi Avraham Mann

Director – Ohr HaChassidus

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