Basi Legani: The Mission Statement of Dor Shvi’i

The day of Yud Shevat is deeply connected with Basi Legani. Read about the history of this fundamental maamar, and how we continue its cycle of study today.

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In the year 5710 (1950), Yud Shevat, the yahrtzeit of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s grandmother Rebbetzin Rivka, fell out on Shabbos. In preparation for this occasion, the Frierdiker Rebbe had a maamar printed that had been delivered 27 years earlier.

This maamar, which begins with the words Basi Legani, was the first in a series of four maamarim. The first two were printed before that Shabbos, and the third and fourth were printed later that year. The four maamarim contained 20 chapters in all.

On that day, Yud Shevat 5710, the Frierdiker Rebbe was nistalek. One year later, the Rebbe accepted the mantle of leadership. At the farbrengen of Yud Shevat 5711 (1951), the Rebbe delivered the first maamar of his nesius. The maamar, which also began with the words Basi Legani, expounded on the first perek in this final hemshech (series) of the Frierdiker Rebbe.

Every year on Yud Shevat, the Rebbe delivered a maamar on another perek; in 5731 (1971), the cycle began again. This cycle continued until Yud Shevat 5748 (1988).

It is customary for chassidim to learn Basi Legani as a hachana for Yud Shevat. Each year, the cycle that the Rebbe began continues, and the maamarim expounding on a particular perek are studied. 5780 is the tenth year in the current cycle; therefore, the maamarim from Yud Shevat of 5720 and 5740 are now being learned.

This Yud Shevat will mark 70 years of the Rebbe’s leadership, and there are many shiurim and resources available to help prepare for this special day.

In addition to multiple web shiurim on Basi Legani (two of which can be watched below), there are live shiurim and study circles happening in most Chabad communities.

In Crown Heights, a shiur with Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm will take place in Nosson’s Shul (534 Empire Blvd), Monday-Friday at 6:30 AM, followed by Shacharis. There will also be a shiur with Rabbi Fishel Oster at Merkaz Avrechim (466 Albany Ave) Monday- Friday at 7:15 AM.

You can print this booklet of the maamarim being studied this year, or visit this website dedicated to the study of Basi Legani.

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Rabbi Levi Friedman delves into Basi Legani of 5720 in this web shiur series.
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Basi Legani 5720 with Rabbi Moshe New

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