Baltimore Mashpia Presents Breakthrough Course course participants had a simple request: “We want to learn what the Yeshiva kids learn!”

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When received requests to create a course teaching “undiluted Chassidus as it’s taught in yeshivos,” they knew just who to call: Rabbi Yosef Klyne, a mashpia at Yeshivas Lubavitch of Baltimore, MD. 

Rabbi Klyne’s unique ability to combine a clear delivery of any topic with the original spirit and flavor of Tomchei Temimim made him the perfect candidate to teach the course, which is based on the Rebbe Rashab’s maamar Heichaltzu. 

“We have been doing classes for a while with an emphasis on text-based, in-depth courses that cover a topic comprehensively,” said Rabbi Yaakov Kaplan of “However, our viewers were asking for something more. They wanted a taste of the original, unpackaged, Torah and Chassidus as it is taught in yeshivos.”

Character Over Conflict is a breakthrough course developed as an answer to the request for Chassidus classes styled after what is taught in Lubavitch yeshivos. Through the maamar, Rabbi Klyne delves into the essence of strife, seeking to understand the cycle of human behavior. After pinpointing a secret path to resolving conflict, he concludes by laying out three practical methods for building strong relationships through conflict resolution.

In the introductory video, Rabbi Klyne points out that while there indeed are many books out there about relationships, they are all “man-made solutions.” The Torah, by contrast, gives us G-dly insight into our soul and its workings.

Drawing from the Divine Manual for human life, Rabbi Klyne drives home the message that conflict, far from being necessarily bad, contains the ability to be channeled into a much greater good. 

The course begins Tuesday, January 28, 2020.
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