Bais Menachem Wilkes-Barre Finds a New Home

Bais Menachem Youth Development Program, the pioneering yeshiva that has been home to over seven-hundred alumni for twenty-two years, is moving to a beautiful 53-acre campus in the Pocono Mountains.  

Bais Menachem Youth Development Program, the pioneering yeshiva that has been home to over seven-hundred alumni for twenty-two years, is moving from its home in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania to a beautiful 53-acre campus in the Pocono Mountains.  

In the words of Bais Menachem’s founder & director, Uri Perlman, “We’re at the precipice of the next chapter of the Bais Menachem story.  After two years in the making, we’re ready to move into our new home in the Poconos.  The campus is incredibly serene, with rolling green fields, beautiful foliage, sitting areas and woods, as well as a range of sports facilities, vocational workshops and creative spaces.  It offers staff housing, alumni & guest suites and the ability to host Anash for reunions, Shabbatons, summer programs, workshops, weddings and much more.  Most importantly, this move ensures that we will never need to turn away another applicant for lack of space.”

What’s been behind Bais Menachem’s success for all these years?  What makes it a yeshiva whose bachurim love being there, form deep bonds with one another, and stay in touch for a lifetime?  Legendary mashpia, Pinny Levitin shares, “Bais Menachem has helped hundreds of youth open up their eyes to the truth of Torah & Yiddishkeit by believing in each bochur.”

Principal and mashpia, Yossi Goodman, relates, “It’s known that the Alter Rebbe would say how a Jew neither desires nor has the ability to separate himself from Hashem. Every student wants to do well.  We try to eliminate all distractions that may get in the way of someone being his natural good self by working with each bachur in his personal life. Our new property in the Poconos allows us to attend to each student’s needs and interests in a warm, wholesome family environment.”  “The Poconos Campus is a significant enhancement as we now have the facilities, amenities and resources we need to provide for each individual all in one location,” explains teacher and counselor Lazer Gajer.

The Poconos campus has already enabled Bais Menachem to make many upgrades for the upcoming 5781 school year with many more to follow.  A younger division for boys ages 13-15 under the direction of R’ Yossi Goodman together with an older division for ages 16 & up under the direction of R’ Levi Blizinsky, will operate under one roof, each with their own dorm floor and bais medrash.  The campus offers bachurim all that they need to thrive in one location: an in-ground pool, volleyball, tennis, tetherball, indoor & outdoor basketball courts, baseball & soccer fields, gardens & farming, vocational & creative workshops, co-working spaces, design studios and much more.  In the words of Levi Blizinsky, “Bais menachem has always been a family.  With the new campus we finally have a beautiful place to call a home.”

A campus alone, though, is not enough to create meaningful growth and change in the life of a young man.  Bais Menachem’s staff, renowned for their insight, relationships and devotion to each individual, are the real key to its impact.  Bais Menachem is therefore pleased to announce that Rabbi Shloimy Fuchs has joined the famous team of Hanhala as an additional mashpia & maggid shiur.  “I’m absolutely privileged to work with this great team in directing and caring for our youth.”

Bais Menachem is kicking off an extensive fundraising campaign to finish the upgrades, renovations and installations necessary to provide a campus befitting today’s youth and tomorrow’s leaders.  Teacher & student counselor, Ilan Weinberg entreats, “If you are looking for something to believe in right now, this is it.  If you are looking for something to be inspired about right now, this is it.  And if you are looking for something to put yourself into right now which will make a world of difference and which you will be proud of, this is certainly it.”

There are many ways to get involved in this great cause:

Visit the campaign website to become more familiar with the new campus and make a donation

View or print the vibrant 16-page brochure

Consider this a personal invitation to you to come visit the new campus and see for yourself what a wholesome and dynamic vision it offers for our future

Help spread the word to friends and family through Facebook, Instagram, email, WhatsApp and any other way good news is shared.

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