Avremel’s Unity Torah Raffling Dollars from the Rebbe

Parents of Avremel Lieberman, who passed away at 4 months old, have undertaken to complete the 8th Sefer Torah Hakloli and are raffling off a dollar from the Rebbe.

By Anash.org staff

On 11 Shvat this year, Reuven Avrohom Lieberman of Toronto, Canada, passed away suddenly. Avremel, who was just 4 months old at the time, was a sweet and loving baby, who brought a smile to the face of all who met him.

In his memory, his parents, Rabbi Mendy and Itty Lieberman, have undertaken a project to help complete the 8th general Sefer Torah, Sefer Torah Hakloli, started by the Rebbe.

“A neshama taken from the world is like a Torah that was burned,” Rabbi Leiberman explained. “We have undertaken this project of achdus through a Sefer Torah to draw forth the ברכנו אבינו כולנו כאחד and to hurry the coming of Moshiach which comes bizchus אהבת ואחדות ישראל.”

To encourage Anash to recruit neighbors and complete this historic Torah, a dollar from the Rebbe is being raffled off among those who sign others up. Whoever signs up 8 new people – be it family members or friends or members from your community or mivtzoim – from now until the 4th of Sivan, will enter into the raffle.

Only several thousand letters remain to complete the eight general Torah, and signing up Yidden to these special unity Torahs fulfills a special instruction from the Rebbe.

In 1982, after completing the first Sefer Torah Hakloli, Rabbi Oirechman from Krayot in Eretz Yisroel asked the Rebbe if he should continue writing another one. The Rebbe instructed that as long as there is one Jew in the world without a letter in one of these Sifrei Torah, the campaign should continue. We now stand about to complete the 8th one!

“The number eight Chassidus explains is higher than teva, nature,” Rabbi Lieberman told Anash.org. “Let’s sign up eight people (even on their behalf as zachin leadam sheloi befanav) and complete the 8th sefer Torah and bring Hashem’s brachos into the world in a higher than natural way, bringing an end to this bitter galus and situation of turmoil in the world from this pandemic!”

As we stand before shabbos Achdus – “vayichan shom Yisrael neged hahar” and days before Shavuos, let’s unite and complete this special Torah to fulfill the mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah as well!

Don’t miss this opportunity! The raffle will be drawn right after shavuos.

Get involved now!


This project to complete the 8th Sefer Torah Hakloli is l’ilui nishmas Reuven Avraham Lieberman a”h.

Below is a beautiful letter to Rabbi Yitzchak Pruss regarding the tremendous brochos that come as a result from signing up Yidden for the Sefer Torah Hakloli.

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