Author Aims to Fulfill Rebbe’s Request in Last Sicha

Marking 30 years since the last sicha we merited to hear from the Rebbe, author Chaya Shuchat launched a new book exploring the theme of conflict through the lens of Chassidus.

This Shabbos will be 30 years since the landmark sichah of Vayakhel 5752, for the time being the latest sichah that we merited to hear from the Rebbe.

The Rebbe’s message to us was to increase in unity and harmony within ourselves, with others and with the entire world: “A Jew’s service begins with gathering together the different aspects of his own being. Afterwards, he gathers together with the entire Jewish people, and then, gathers together every element of the world and shows how their entire existence is intended to carry out G d’s will.”

To that end, Diamond Publications is pleased to launch a new book entitled An End to Conflict, an exploration of the theme of conflict in the light of the teachings of Chassidus. The book takes readers on a journey to understand the roots of conflict and divisiveness and the path towards healing and reunification. The book has six sections which address how to find peace within ourselves, with others, within the family, the community, and finally, the entire world. Written in an engaging, informal style, An End to Conflict gives us the tools to resolve longstanding internal and external conflicts and achieve an ultimate state of peace.

An End to Conflict is authored by Chaya Shuchat, an accomplished writer and editor with more than 25 years of experience translating and adapting the Rebbe’s teachings in a variety of publications, including N’shei Chabad Newsletter, the Meaningful Life Center, Beis Moshiach Magazine and

This is her second book. Her first book, A Diamond a Day, is an adaptation of the chassidic classic Hayom Yom for children. Chaya draws upon her experiences as a nurse, a mother of nine and a lifelong student of the Rebbe to explain the Rebbe’s teachings in a clear, personally applicable way to diverse audiences.

Chana Weisberg, editor of, says, “Chaya’s writing is both deeply penetrating and practically relevant. In a world full of conflict and fragmentation, she teaches powerful truths to help us understand our cosmic journey. By introducing harmony into our personal selves, we prevent the spread of strife and division, and bring our world to its ultimate state of harmony and unity. A profound and transformative read!”

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