Aubervilliers Kollel Celebrates Grand Siyum Of Mesechta

Kollel Yad Eliezer celebrated the siyum of a mesechta with a grand event with live music and joyous dancing.

An inspiring event took place in Aubervilliers, France as distinguished Torah scholar, Rabbi Yossef Y. Meir Teichtal, concluded a mesechta that was studied throughout the year at the “Kollel Yad Eliezer“ named after the Shliach Rabbi Eliezer Nisilevitch a”h, director of the Shne-Or institutions in Aubervilliers, France.

The event was organized by his family and Rabbi Teichtel.

Many guests filled the auditorium including prominent rabbis from Paris and surrounding areas. The crowd was uplifted through inspiring divrei Torah which concluding with song and dance featuring the special guest singer Yoni Shlomo from Israel.

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