AskTheRav Dedicated to Harav Schwei

Photo: Mendy Kurant

Photo: Mendy Kurant

AskTheRav, an online service offering answers to halacha questions, overseen by Harav Yosef Braun, is being dedicated in memory of Harav Yaacov Schwei a”h of the Crown Heights Beis Din who recently passed away.

Dear community members,

As we are currently mourning the loss of our dear Rabbi Yaacov Schwei Z”L, we are glad to announce that during this time we will be dedicating the AskTheRav platform in his honor, and we are taking on to expedite our plans of taking AskTheRav to the next level.

Over the past month, AskTheRav was visited by 3,562 people, with nearly every family in Crown Heights benefiting from our platform. Our success is thanks to the team of devoted Rabbonim with expertise each in their own area, working under the oversight of the Beis Din, and by utilizing up to date technology with our efficient apps for Apple and Android.

Rabbi Schwei Z”L was a big supporter of AskTheRav ever since its inception in Nissan 5778, sharing the vision of making Halacha accessible to the younger generation. While the platform has proven itself in these harsh times, Hashem Yerachem, there is still room for a huge improvement to serve our local community and Shluchim even better.

It’s tough to imagine how the past month could have looked without AskTheRav, 500+ questions answered in a single week plus 100s more through our database, which was specially designed to save time from answering repeated questions. These questions would have been directed solely to phone lines, resulting in an impossible task.

Thus far, the years of experience have proven successful, as the system stood strong when the busiest season coincided with a global pandemic. It is clear that AskTheRav holds in it the future for the Crown Heights community, and now is the time to grow together.

Participate in our joint responsibility towards the community, sharing the vision of Rabbi Schwei making Halacha accessible to all, while taking part in an incredible project in tribute to the Rov who was loved by all.

Partner with us in a way that works for you. The platform was produced for the community, and we want you to become an integral part of AskTheRav. Although AskTheRav has been and still is an open and free service, paying subscribers will help us improve tremendously.

Click Here to become a subscriber and help take AskTheRav to the next level.

Thank you for your support and stay safe.

The AskTheRav Staff

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