Artist Finds Comfort in Rebbe Portrait

Shliach Rabbi Mendy Lewis of Old Tappan, NJ, spent the day of 27 Adar drawing a portrait of the Rebbe which he shared with his community.

By staff

In an accompanying letter, Rabbi Lewis writes:

“Dear friends, Trying to get my mind off the crazy world. Started this last night. Just finished.

“The background to this portrait: 28 years ago, today, on the Hebrew date, 27 Adar I, 5752 (1992), the Rebbe suffered a stroke, after which he was no longer able to speak and distribute dollars. This picture was from that very day.

“28 in Hebrew is “כח” strength.  Though we can longer see the Rebbe, he has continued to be a source of wisdom, strength and optimism. The Rebbe told us that we are very close to experiencing the final redemption, when the world will be filled with peace and the light of G-d, a time when we will no longer experience suffering and pain. May it be today.

“Wishing all strength and joy which breaks all boundaries.”

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