Arizona Brothers Create Quality Weekly Newsletter

When Gabi and Avremy Shapiro first started the Shavua Newsletter six months ago, they didn’t expect it to quickly grow to a popular 30 page newsletter.

Six months ago Gabi and Avremy Shapiro started making the Shavua Newsletter. It began because they wanted something to fill up their free time and long breaks in the Nigri Jewish Online School. It would be free, it would be for kids, or really for all ages, and it would be weekly. Thereby filling up their time, and other children’s time with quality reading.

Week by week the newsletter got better and better. Gabi and Avremy searched the world for ideas in content and design. They understood that almost even more than the content, the design had to be well done to make the newsletter as pleasant and interesting to read.

Slowly, they added more and more serials and sections to the newsletter. A Fun Zone, an Interview, a Comic, a Feature, even a girl’s teen serial called Bullied! was written by Chaya Cohen to offer a quality serial tailored for girls. Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz, the Shapiro’s Zeidy, and creator of Shazak, offered to have his Parsha Post featured in the newsletter weekly, which was gladly excepted. Eventually, the newsletter slowly grew to almost 30 pages.

Soon the Coronavirus pandemic took hold, making all the more reason for a good quality newsletter. Quicker than they anticipated, more and more subscribers signed up. After only 2 months the newsletter hit 100 subscribers, so a new section was added for Fan Letters, which the newsletter had quite a few. Readers enjoyed the quality content and beautiful design and sent in their sincere thoughts on the newsletter.

The Fan Letters include a letter from Esti Shuster who wrote:
Shavua, I love your newsletter, me and my family look forward to it every week. It is super interesting, fun, exciting, fascinating, and entertaining. I love every part of it. Thank you soo much!!

Sara Perlstein told Shavua Newsletter:
Hey! I just wanted to tell you that you have the best newsletter and out of all the newsletters that I subscribed to (which is a lot!!) yours stands out! Thank you so much!

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