Are You Prepared to Speak in Lashon HaKodesh?

In this short video, Rabbi Fishel Oster discusses what language will we speak when Moshiach comes.

Learn & Bring Moshiach is a non-for-profit global network dedicated to providing educational media and resources of various levels on the subject of Geula and Moshiach. “Meaningful and relevant is the aim of all our materials,” says Rabbi Shaul Calmenson, director of L&B Moshiach.

“Why have we invested so much into making this subject matter so widely comprehensible,” asks Rabbi Calmenson?

“The answer is, as we find ourselves in the final moments of galus, at the threshold of the final geula, extra care must be taken to prepare and build excitement for this time, and that is achieved by learning about it. Then, Hashem will surely see into our hearts and speedily fulfill our desires for the immediate and speedy redemption.”

“In the words of the Chida on the 15th brocha of Shmona Esrei, את צמח דוד עבדך מהרה תצמיח- why will we merit the fulfillment of this request for Moshiach’s speedy arrival? כי לישועתך קיווינו כל היום- because (כי) we await for Your Salvation all day. Even if we only had the merit of our hope alone, that would suffice to bring the final geula speedily in our days!”

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