Anticipation for New Experience Reaches Fever Pitch


Thousands are signing up ahead of the new, interactive, all-immersive experience documenting the sights and sounds of a Tishrei with the Rebbe as witnessed by “Sholom B.” It all starts tomorrow on!

Tishrei in the Moment documents the experiences of Sholom B, an eighteen-year-old student who visited the Rebbe for Tishrei. Sholom recorded everything he saw and shared it for all to see.

The series is novel, and yet entirely authentic – featuring 100% authentic content of Tishrei 5749 (1988), thoroughly researched and collected. Tishrei in the Moment offers an uplifting, front-row seat into a Tishrei at 770, with events unfolding as they occurred for Sholom.

The experience begins on Thursday 26 Elul (September 26), when Sholom’s flight lands in America. Then, he will begin posting his experiences on

To receive Whatsapp updates from Sholom, save Sholom’s number, +1 (929) 266-6955 as a contact, and send a WhatsApp message “Subscribe” to that number.

The experience begins tomorrow! Head to Tishrei in the Moment to enjoy!

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