Anash Inbox: My Local Chol Hamoed Excursion

An reader took a unique Chol Hamoed trip this year and shared the pictures.

So it’s that time of year again – chol hamoed trips!

You take your family, pack them into a van, and drive as far away from the city as possible. To see some nature, breathe fresh air, and have some fun.

Yes it’s expensive, yes it’s crowded, and yes, everyone is starving because the Matzah finished hours ago. But, hey! at least you can tell yourself you went on a chol hamoed outing!

Today came a new experience, something unique and very different. A walk (no long car rides and traffic jams!) just a short distance from Crown Heights, on an all-expense paid (free) trip to Prospect Park. Along with the realization, that with the right lens, the “Chol Hamoed outing experience” can be right here. So much life, nature, and beauty in our own backyard. Plus there’s plenty of Matzah leftover to boot!

Take a look – see for yourself.

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