Watch: Anash and Temimim to Gather for Chof-Ches Nissan

This Thursday evening 28 Nissan, and marking 28 years since that night; Anash and temimim will be gathering in 770 for a call to action in light of the urgent sicha said on this day in 5751. The Rebbe urged his chasidim to do all they can to bring about the coming of Moshiach.

Featured speakers will include:

Rabbi Sholom Charitonov, mashpia in Oholei Torah

Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, Head shliach to Californina

Rabbi Reuven Wolf, Maayon Yisroel Center, Los Angeles, California

The event will take place this Thursday evening at
8:00pm at 770 Eastern Parkway. Watch it Live Here!

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