An Evening of ‘Learning and Music’ Held in Crown Heights

Photos: Berel Meyers/

Over 100 men and women joined for a special evening with a shiur by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan and music by The Shira Choir, Berel Zucker and Yehuda Piamenta. Watch the full replay.

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Photos: Berel Meyers/

A crowd of over 100 people joined for a special event held in Lubavitch Yeshiva hall Tuesday night, learning and celebrating the uniqueness of Adar and Purim.

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan, shliach to Chabad Flamingo in Thornhill, Ontario and world-renowned maggid shiur, delivered a text-based study of the Ma’amar Layehudim Hoysa Orah 5741, delivered by the Rebbe on Purim, Erev Shabbos after Mincha.

Following the ‘learning’ segment, the program continued with the ‘music’ segment. Led by The Shira Choir and Berel Zucker and accompanied by Yehuda Piamenta, the crowd broke into a joyous dance in honor of the month of Adar, followed by a stirring kumzitz.

Besides for the tens of men and women gathered in person, hundreds more watched the live broadcast here on

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