An Evening of Learning: About 770, In 770

The entire community is invited to an evening of learning Wednesday night in 770 with Rabbi YY Jacobson on the significance of the Rebbe’s Shul.

There’s been a lot of buzz in the last few weeks about the upkeep and restoration of 770 Eastern Parkway, the Chabad Headquarters in Crown Heights.

The entire community, men and women, are invited to An Evening of Learning, about 770, in 770, this coming Wednesday, eve of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, 5780, Nov. 27, 2019, in the main shul at 770 Eastern Parkway starting 8:00 PM sharp until 9:30 PM.

Rabbi YY Jacobson, world-renowned Maggid Shiur, will deliver a text-based study of The Heart and Soul of 770, a shiur in Kuntres Beis Rabeinu Shebebovel, explaining the uniqueness of every shul, and particularly 770.

There will be a special video presentation.

A project of Menachem Benchemon together with Mendel Mintz.

Special thanks to the generous supporters: Osher & Rivka Karnowsky in loving memory of their beloved son, Hatomim Shmuel Karnowsky ע”ה. As well as Zalmy & Sarale Cohen, Shloimy & Mirele Greenwald, Ari & Malky Sperlin, Nussi & Gittie Sternberg and Yerachmeal & Rivka Leah Jacobson.

This evening is made possible by supporters like you, you can donate at PayPal or CashApp.

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