New Shluchim Pump America’s Heartland

Omaha, Nebraska has just welcomed new shluchim! Rabbi Daniel and Chaya Blotner moved this month to ‘The Heartland of America.’ Omaha is a beautiful city, cold yet warm at heart, and home to a wonderful Jewish community of close to 10,000 and growing.

The Blotners will be working alongside the head shluchim, Rabbi Mendel and Shani Katzman, sent by the Rebbe over 33 years ago to Nebraska. Baruch Hashem, they are very successful in their work in influencing the greater Nebraska Jewish community in both pride and practice of Yiddishkeit.

With a new job surge and young family influx in the Omaha region, it is imperative to reach beyond the scope of the present Chabad House community. The new shluchim see their goal to reach out to those Yidden who are as yet unaffiliated and may not even be counted as part of the 10,000.

The Blotners’ first projects will be to launch citywide programs, such as a Jewish learning experiences for adults, events geared specifically for young Jewish professionals, programs involving the local youth and teens as well as connecting to Jewish students on three local campuses.

Daniel Blotner had the privilege of being born and bred in the lap of shlichus. His parents were sent by the Rebbe to Worcester, MA in the early 70’s, and shlichus is their every fiber and being.

Chaya Blotner, nee Gorman, grew up in Toronto, Canada. She was raised in a large family and educated to love and cherish Yiddishkeit, to live and teach its principles throughout. After completing her studies, Chaya used her education, Torah values, and talents to mentor young students and foster their Jewish awareness and pride.

Now, together, they seek to permanently answer their true calling: to celebrate Yiddishkeit and share its warmth with the Omaha community and each and every Jew in Nebraska.

Please support the Blotners as they start out on their shlichus via Paypal or Cashapp. To donate via Zelle, BOA or Chase, use [email protected] or give via credit card at

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