Aleph Struggling to Provide for Soldiers, Inmates

With a major increase in demand for Seder plates and food this year, the Aleph Institute has already shipped over 50 Tons, yet requests continue to pour in.

By reporter

Rabbi Aaron Lipskar and the rest of the Aleph Institute team are working harder than ever before. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an immediate crisis for the most isolated and forgotten of our community. At a time where the rest of the world is on lock-down, our soldiers stationed abroad, those who are behind bars, and their families, are even more affected than ever.

In the past few weeks, Aleph has been working around the clock to respond to the overwhelming outcry of people in prison who are at significant risk of infection due to the small quarters, overcrowding, and shared living environment. 

Many in prison are elderly or have underlying conditions that make them especially vulnerable to the disease, yet there is little they can do to efficiently distance themselves from others. 

To this end, an emergency response team was formed to help them protect their health through compassionate release requests and coordinated with leaders in the field about the nation’s overarching approach to combating Covid-19 behind bars.

In addition to the outpouring of assistance requests for compassionate release, the organization has seen an increase of letters from individuals left in solitary confinement, those seeking medical care, and many others who are unable to ensure their basic needs are met during the disruption of the virus. Aleph is doing everything possible to keep its doors open for every letter and request, saving lives during this difficult time.

In addition to Covid-19 advocacy and compassionate release work, this is one the busiest times of the year, when those who have no one else, rely on Aleph to be there.

The organization is working continuously to ensure that all holiday supplies are made available in prisons and military bases around the globe and that Seders will still take place without any interruption.

Due to restricting group contact in both prison and military settings, many will be conducting Seders alone this year in their private quarters or in their cells. This has significantly increased the number of Seder plates needed now that they must be provided individually to every single person. 

Aleph has already shipped over 50 TONS of Kosher for Passover food (100,000 Lbs!) to these individuals in need and orders continue to come in every day! If not for Aleph, all of these thousands of men, women and children would not have a Passover at all. They have also sent out financial stipends for Passover to help hundreds of families coping with a loved one in prison, many of whom have been deeply impacted by Covid-19’s far-reaching effects.

Aleph can’t do it without your help and needs your support now more than ever to be able to serve the most desolate and isolated in our community. At a time when the future of charitable giving is uncertain, we are turning to you to partner with Aleph in being a pillar of support for so many.

Please support Pesach Seder sponsorships (Maos Chitim) and give generously to also help care for those impacted by Covid-19 who depend on Aleph’s assistance. Your much-needed support will help ensure that Aleph can continue to answer the heartbreaking and desperate pleas for help that they are receiving from families.

Please visit to make your contribution today!

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