Affordable Music Lessons Comes to Crown Heights

Toronto Musician Yehoshua Lavner has released a music lesson package to teach children how to play the Ukulele at home.

Musician Yehoshua Lavner, Associated Hebrew Schools Music Director and multimedia specialist at the Posluns Education Centre in Toronto, has released an affordable music package to teach children how to play the Ukulele.

“‘If words are the pen of the heart’, teaches The Alter Rebbe, ‘then song is the pen of the soul.’ This is why the ancient prophets would sing and play musical instruments as they awaited the gift of prophecy. Today, as well, serving Hashem with joy and music is certainly an essential part of a healthy Jewish life! Music has the power to lift us up and breathe life into every moment! It is in this spirit that I am introducing the ukulele as a new Jewish instrument of Simcha” Mr. Lavner said. 

This package is now on sale at Hamafitz Judaica and Judaica World in Crown Heights and at Israel’s Judaica and Lollycakes in Toronto.

New video lessons are being added regularly at ‪‬.

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