A Skip Across the Pond

Photo Essay by Mordechai Lubecki, Paris

You may have read about Mordechai and the work that he does to spread Yiddishkeit among the hearing impaired in France. He recently skipped over the English Channel to London to visit the mosdos in London and environs. You may recognize the legendary Lubavitch House on Stamford Hill, as well as the surrounding Lubavitch buildings. If you look closely you can see long-time shliach Rabbi Shmuel Lew, and dayan Rabbi Levi Y. Raskin, among other London personalities.

Once there he manages to see the usual tourist sites as well. Buckingham Palace and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, where he ran into President Trump, and others.

He was gracious enough to share his beautiful gallery with Anash.org

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