Influence Everyone, Especially Yourself

A Note from the Rebbe: When Tzach leaders sent in a brochure for approval, the Rebbe replied that an important part was missing.

A brochure was prepared with details regarding the work of Tzach and the requirements of its members. The brochure was submitted to the rebbe with a letter asking if the Rebbe had any comments.

The Rebbe circled the words ‘any comments’ and wrote:

Just a “minor” one, and that is that in describing the goals and divisions (of Tzach), there is no mention of the need to influence one’s self. This requirement is not in order to be a higher ranking general, but the minimum to be worthy of being a member (or part of) Chabad.

A paragraph addressing working on one’s self was written to be added to the brochure and sent to the Rebbe.

The Rebbe then clarified: My intention was not just that (working on oneself) be included in the brochure, but that it be done in practice.

Regarding the text in the brochure, the Rebbe recommended that it be composed ”in consultation with those who are skilled in language, with regards to style and, more importantly, content.” 

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