A Miracle and a Seat Belt

Counselors at Camp Gan Yisroel of Rochester, NY, miraculously emerged from a car rollover with minor injuries. “We were all wearing seat belts, and that saved our lives,” they told Anash.org.

By Anash.org reporter

A rained out trip almost ended in a disaster, but a miracle, and seat belts, changed the outcome.

The story happened this past week in Rochester, New York. Camp Gan Yisroel, directed Rabbi Dovid Aba and Chany Mochkin, was right in the middle of another awesome summer, with close to eighty children showing up every day for a few hours of Yiddishkeit and fun.

On Sunday, with camp out of session, the counselors decided to use their day off to go for a trip. They looked into nearby attractions and decided to go rope coursing. After arranging a ride with a community member, they headed off to their trip.

That’s when things started going South. A slight drizzle quickly led into a steady rain, and by the time they arrived at their destination, the rain has shut down the rope course. Without another choice, they started heading back to the Chabad Center.

“We were just talking in the back of the car, trying to think of what we could do today, when suddenly the car skidded off the road and flipped over. It happened so fast that there was no time to react,” one of the counselors told Anash.org

The car had taken an exit, and began driving on a narrow ramp. The road, slippery from the rain, provided the perfect conditions for a car accident.

“We flipped over once or twice before stopping. We quickly started assessing the situation, and we saw that miraculously, no one had any serious injuries,” the counselor said.

The counselors say that each one had made sure to put on a seat belt at the start of the ride, and without question, that had saved lives.

“It was a huge miracle! There are no two ways about it,” they said. “For all of us to emerge from a car rolling over, and only have a few scratches or bruises to show for it, is simply miraculous. Thank you Hashem!”

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