A School of Chassidishe Camaraderie

Can you imagine a small Chabad cheder where boys get along and compliment one another? Cheder at the Ohel is one such school and they are asking for your support.

Cheder at the Ohel is a unique, one of a kind Chabad Cheder. Small class sizes enable the Rebbeim to pay close attention to each child.

Parents love the individual attention each boy receives. Creative Rebbeim and Morahs keep up to date on current methods and strategies to help each boy reach his maximum potential.

The Cheder places a big emphasis on yiras shamayim, midos tovos, and on the emotional well-being of each and every child.

One of the greatest results is that all the boys LOVE to go to school and return home so excited with so much to share!

The Cheder has a very warm and Chassidishe atmosphere. The boys consist of a wonderful group of children who come from many areas. Long Island Shluchim, Five Towns, and Crown Heights boys commute with the Rebbeim each day!

There is a tremendous amount of achdus and camaraderie amongst the boys. Kind language is emphasized. Even at recess kids are often found congratulating each other for a ‘great shot’ in a ball game or lending a hand to a friend in need. There’s a state park next door and they play sports daily during recess. There’s also a large gym the boys enjoy. Throughout every part of the day, midos tovos are emphasized in the boys’ interactions.

At Cheder at the Ohel, every boy lives and breathes Torah and Chassidus daily.

It is difficult to have all of these amazing qualities, incredibly qualified, experienced and talented teachers while at the same time, financially maintaining such small class sizes. In order to keep this incredible Cheder growing and thriving, please help us reach our goal in our campaign:

Please help us reach our goal!


$100,000 in 48 hours.

We need your support! Every donation that you give to Cheder at the Ohel gets QUADRUPLED!!!!

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