A Rebbe’s Soldier, A True Chayal

The murder of Avremi Goldman hy”d shook the Crown Heights community to its core. Following the tragedy, Rabbi Eli a”h and Leah Lipsker began the Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund. Today, they are raising funds to continue their mission.

Avremi Goldman Hy”d was a very special and mature young bochur. He was one of a kind. Avremi loved Yiddishkeit and followed the directives of the Rebbe with the utmost of dedication, especially when it came to learning and Mivtzoim. Avremi also inspired that love in others. As a counselor for young chidren in Day Camp, he truly connected to his campers; listened to them, guided them and helped them in any way possible. He always wanted to do what was right, a true Kabalas Ol’nik. Avremi was particularly sensitive to issues pertaining to Bein Adam Lachaveiro. He was loved by all, young and old alike.

Avremi was blessed with a beautiful voice and loved to sing. His voice was recorded on many of Eli Lipsker’s a”h records. His last Friday night, at his family’s Shabbos table, he sang the song “Adir hu boelyonim” (You Hashem are the only true existence in the world) over and over again.

“Avremi was always ahead of his time,” relates Rabbi Shmulik Naparstek, a childhood friend. “Even from a young age, we were able to recognize that he was a leader and a visionary. In every challenging situation, he would be the voice of reason and maturity.”

When the Rebbe proclaimed that all bochurim should begin putting on Rabbeinu Tam’s Tefillin, Avremi established a fund to help needy bochurim acquire their own pair. In addition, Avremi took it upon himself to organize maamad (for the Rebbe) from bochurim in his Yeshiva, and with every new Mivtzah that the Rebbe initiated, it was Avremi at the forefront of the activities. Whether it involved learning, davening, or Mivtzoim, Avremi was always there with his contagious energy, initiating, leading, and guiding.

“One Friday while on Mivtzoim,” Rabbi Naparstek recalls, “Avremi and I met an individual who told us that his wife had given birth to a baby girl. Avremi, never one to miss an opportunity, encouraged the fellow Yid we had met to give his new daughter a Jewish name.”

“The following Sunday night, Avremi and I walked from the Oholei Torah building on Troy Avenue to a nearby phone-booth. Avremi opened his pocket-sized notebook to call the new father to find out which name he had chosen. We had offered to conduct the baby-naming ceremony the next morning at the Rebbe’s minyan.”

Just a few seconds after Avremi entered the telephone booth three hooligans came and stabbed him mercilessly, for no reason other than because he was a Jew. That evening Avremi’s pure and holy Neshama was returned to its Maker. He was 17 years old. The date was Zach (27) Sivan.

Following this terrible tragedy, Rabbi Eli a”h and Leah Lipsker wanted to do something to perpetuate Avremi’s memory. Following the directives of the Rebbe and with his brochos, the Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund was immediately started. This fund helps children from financially struggling families enroll in summer camp. For the past 43 years, Rabbi Moshe and Esther Goldman joined together with the Lipskers and have helped over 7,550 children share in the excitement of a wonderful and much-needed summer experience.

Join the Chasdei Avrohom Eliezer Camp Fund and the greater Jewish community, to help give the gift of an awesome summer to even more children! Following the unprecedented events of this past year, children need camp more than ever, a safe place filled with Simcha and excitement.
Your generous contribution is greatly appreciated!

In the zchus of your tzedaka may we merit the revelation of Moshiach NOW!!!

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