A “Perm”anent Home for Russian City Chabad

By Anash.org reporter

Chabad Lubavitch of Perm, Russia will finally be allowed to build its own center.

After debate in committee, thirteen members of the planning and development board in Perm, Russian Federation decided to allow the building of a beautiful and large community center for Chabad of Perm, under the direction of Rabbi Zalman & Sarah Deitsch.

The Deitsches have been active in Perm (pronounced “Perem”) for many years, with a stream of peulos for all ages. The new center will be the hub for the many activities that they organize for the Jews of that city. Located some 850 miles from Moscow, there was a need for a big center, and now they’ll finally get it.

Shliach Rabbi Zalman Deitsch told anash.org that the opposition to the building was limited to a very fringe and tiny group, and that in general there has been very strong support for the project. “The plan that we had drawn up are in the initial stages, and it’s possible that changes will be made along the way,” he said.

In the end, the yeas had it, with the measure passing by a wide majority.

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