A Peek Inside 770

Take a look at the renovations being carried out inside the Rebbe’s shul, including a brand new seforim library for the yeshiva.

By Anash.org reporter

During this unprecedented time in the history of 770, when the shul and building are empty of its usual traffic, efforts are under way to improve the shul for when it will be back in session soon bez”H.

Aside from a thorough cleaning and fixing regular wear and tear, a brand new library is being constructed at the back of 770 under the Rebbe’s porch which will hold a well-stocked otzar haseforim.

An additional long-overdue project is taking place as well. All the pushkas in the entire 770 are being cataloged. The name of each organization that is engraved on the plaques next to each slot is checked, their validity confirmed, and their money delivered. Any mosdos which no longer exist or have halted activities have their plaques removed, clearing up the space for the many tzedaka organizations vying for a slot in 770.

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