A Nurtured Mother is a Nurtured Home

Tonight: Join Junior N’shei of Crown Heights for an evening featuring Rochy Hirsch and Zeesha Brownstein. Learn tips for a healthy, serene living so you can better nurture those you love.

The never-ending cycle of daily routine, from early in the morning- shopping, school, supper, laundry-a whirlwind. Running the marathon of life. That’s when that all too familiar feeling of burnout starts to kick in. If you feel that it takes dragging one foot after the other to get on with life, it’s time to restore yourself! Time for some self-care so you can be a better wife, mother and most importantly, a better YOU!

A nurtured mother is a nurtured home.

It’s never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you! Looking for ways to make a healthy lifestyle practical? Zeesha, nutrition specialist and health coach, will share how to adopt healthy eating habits in the real-world.

Feeling stuck in a spiral of negative habits? Beating yourself up for messing over? Positivity is the key to it all. Inspirational singer and presenter, Rochy will share how her love and optimism took her through the bumpy road of parenting.

Join Junior N’Shei for an evening that will transform and uplift.
Tuesday night in Lubavitcher Yeshiva, doors open at 8:00.

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