A New Torah for Bahia Blanca

Torah unites two Argentinian cities: Chabad of Almagro gives Chabad of Bahia Blanca the most precious gift of all.

By Anash.org writer

Chabad of Bahia Blanca, Argentina, celebrated a beautiful hachnasas sefer Torah, welcoming a Torah that they received from Chabad of Almagro.

The ceremony began at Kehila Bahia Blanca with welcoming words from Mario Brailovsky, president of the Israeli association of the city, who shared memories of the city’s long-time shliach Rabbi Moshe Freedman A”H.

Rabbi Freedman’s son Shmuel, who took over the Chabad House leadership after his father’s untimely passing in 2016, spoke about the similarities between the Torah and the Jewish people; both are ancient and immutable. A new Torah is a sign of life, showing the chain of tradition being transmitted to the next generation.

Palermo shliach Rabbi Yossi Birman riveted the crowd with the story behind the Torah’s arrival at the Bay, as well as imparting a strong message to ‘live’ the Torah, not just to have one.

The lively procession then made its way through the streets with incredible simcha and dancing, heading towards the Chabad House where the dancing continued, followed by a festive reception.

Director of Chabad of Almagro, Rabbi Osher Schvetz, who donated the Torah in conjunction with Mr. Cesar Fuks, inspired the crowd with divrei bracha, explaining how a new Torah bring special blessings and breaks negative decrees. The occasion was a very emotional celebration for the entire community, and will b’ezras Hashem, be a harbinger of many more.

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