A Nation of Heroes

From the Anash.org inbox: After seeing the incredible show of achdus and hakaras hatov at last night’s Hatzalathon, one reader wrote a poem expressing her appreciation to the incredible members of Hatzalah.

By Chana S.

The incredible show of achdus, hakaras hatov, emunah, and mesiras nefesh presented in the beautiful, awe-inspiring Hatzalathon, inspired me to write the following poem.

It is dedicated to the incredible members of Hatzala who put their lives on the line all day every day to help a fellow Jew, and is based on a mashal about a boy left alone at sea, whose father risks his life to save him.

Although we all try to work on our Ahavas Yisrael, the angles of Hatzala are the ultimate role models and superstars of true Ahavas Yisrael without any ulterior motives or desire to be “paid back.” May Hashem shower them, their families, and the entire Klal Yisrael with all the zechuyos in the world.

When another Jew is in a time of need
They’ll run to their rescue with great speed.
When another is in a moment of distress
They’ll race to their side, to any address.
When another is facing life or death
They’ll drop all and go, without time for breath.
When another’s at risk of scary harm
They’ll do all they can to push off the alarm.
When another needs help, and can spread a disease
They continue to operate lovingly and at ease.
When another’s sneeze could contaminate
They persist to give more, chassadim they create.
When another’s danger could harm them too
They keep doing their mission: To save another Jew.
Our special nation, together we celebrate
Their endless giving, how we wish to emulate.
Mi K’amcha Yisrael, we exclaim with great pride
We’re here for each other, self-interests aside.
We’re a nation of heroes, we keep going strong
Throughout all the tzaros, this galus so long.
The heroes of our ship, they keep us afloat
Helping everyone hold on to the rocky boat.
They speak of a boy, lost and flailing at sea
His father swimming away, crying from his plea:
“Bring me along, I can’t take this anymore
I can’t drown in the waves while you all swim to shore.
I yearn for your presence, please father dear
Don’t leave me!” he begged, ever sincere.
Off to freedom – but he had to leave one behind
He couldn’t bear the pain, a father so kind.
“Tatty,” cried his son, in a clear painful tone,
“Hold me, my father, how can you leave me alone?”
His cries pierced the heart, with superhuman strength
His father carried him the entire ocean’s length.
It seemed impossible, but for his precious son
He would do anything – he was the only one!
Hashem is awaiting our cries, we must intercede
Storm the shamayim, cry, scream, and plead:
“You are the only One in Whom we place hope
But we’re never alone, even as we grope.
We’re lost in the ocean, in the storm to roam
Hashem, it’s enough, just carry us home.”
As we’re waiting, we rise, and together we sing:
Hashem, thank You for the journey, for everything.
We hold hands, and smile, we jump and we dance:
Goi Echad Ba’aretz, together we advance.
Look down at Your Nation, the angels of chessed
Running to do Your Will as we all forge ahead.
We jump up with vigor, we feel Your Loving Embrace,
We know You will return us to our rightful place.

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