A Moment with the Rebbe

“Why don’t Lubavitchers hang noi sukka – decorations on the wall of their sukka? Is there no significance in beautifying a mitzva?”

This question was posed to a chossid, who passed it on to the Rebbe. In a response dated 7 Cheshvan 5715 (1954), the Rebbe clarified the matter, beginning with the halachic aspect:

“As a rule, the concept of enhancing a mitzva pertains to the mitzva itself, such as a talis from quality wool, and a korban of value.

“However, decorations on the walls of the sukka are only external trappings, which provide pleasure to the person in the sukka. The sukkah itself is the sechach, the walls and the meaning they import.”

The Rebbe then delved deeper, with a poignant message. “A Chabad chossid is expected to appreciate the raw sukka itself and be aroused by its message.”

(Rainitz Teshurah, Kislev 5766)

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