A Moment with the Rebbe

Children in Shul

The Rebbe’s love for children and their participation in tefilos was obvious. Through encouraging “Amen”, their singing, and even the lengthy banging out of Haman on Purim, the Rebbe showed that children have a prominent position in a shul.

At the same time, the Rebbe demanded appropriate behavior.

Reb Zelig Slonim, who established the Shikkun Chabad shul in Yerushalayim, once received a letter from HaRav Chodakov, decrying a report the Rebbe had gotten from a visitor.

“The children’s conduct in the shul and courtyard was inappropriate. It disturbed the davening and they also failed to show respect to the elderly.

“Upon the Rebbe’s directive, I am writing to you to improve the situation as much as possible, and would appreciate a report of what has been done.”

(Labkovsky Teshurah, Tammuz 5775) 

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