A Moment with the Rebbe

We are pleased to bring you JEM‘s weekly photo of the Rebbe and a story from The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash.

Saved at the Last Minute

Shortly after Reb Zalman Kazen arrived on shlichus to Cleveland, Ohio, he turned to a local rov for direction on chalav Yisroel and pas Yisroel products. This rov told him that it is accepted to use plain pumpernickel bread and “Silts and Hilts” milk.

Rebbetzin Kazen arrived home with her shopping bags, and as she poured herself a cup of milk, the phone rang. It was HaRav Chodakov with an important message from the Rebbe, “Do you know what bread and milk you are bringing into the house?” Mrs. Kazen, quite shaken from the open ruach hakodesh, said they were following a local rov, as the Rebbe had instructed them prior to their departure.

HaRav Chodakov wasn’t satisfied. “America is not like Russia,” he said. “In Russia the bread is baked like matza, with flour and water. Here they add fats, sometimes from treife animals.” The story became the talk of town, how the Rebbe had saved Mrs. Kazen at the last minute from chalav akum.

(Kotlarsky Teshurah, Cheshvan 5774)

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