A Lone Soldier’s Dream Come True

By Chayal el Chayal

Chayal el Chayal is holding its annual raffle for the prize of $10,000 to help finance their upcoming year of tending to the needs of our Lone Soldiers on the front lines.

Everybody knows a lone soldier.

Even if you don’t, you definitely know somebody who does.

These youngsters who bravely make the decision to leave the comforts of their homes around the world and make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the Jewish homeland are affectionately dubbed “Lone Soldiers” or “Chayalim Bodedim”.

In stark contrast to the glamour and glory of their enormous mission is the loneliness and lack of support that many of them often feel.

When most of their Israeli Counterparts leave base for the weekend, they come home to a family who awaits them, warm home cooked food, and perhaps a parent who will lovingly wash their uniform and prepare it for them for their return to base after the weekend. In contrast, many lone soldiers return home to an empty apartment where instead of relaxing and recharging their batteries after a hard week on base; they must use their weekend to cook, clean, or perhaps get a side job to help supplement their meager army salary.

This is where Chayal el Chayal steps in.

Chayal el Chayal is an organization that was established in 5770/2010 by Mordy and Malkah Esther Botnick to provide a home for these lone soldiers. A warm and welcoming environment to nourish their bodies and souls.

Hundreds of soldiers have passed through their doors to enjoy the many services that Chayal el Chayal provides. No matter the need; A warm meal, a washing machine, a shoulder to lean on or a friend to turn to, Chayal el Chayal is there for our soldiers.

Shabbos and Yomim Tovim that was once a particularly difficult and lonely time for the lone soldier, now take on a different dimension as Chayal el Chayal is there to provide all of their holiday needs. Their Shabbos table is always packed, as tens of soldiers join them weekly for the meal, and their Yomim Tovim events are always well attended.

Chayal el Chayal also provides relief for parents knowing that their children who are serving so far away have a surrogate home and family.

Chayal el Chayal has accomplished so much, and has no intentions of slowing down. They have their sights set high for the coming year, aiming to accomplish so much more.

To raise the required funds to keep the lights on in this incredible organization, Chayal el Chayal is holding their annual raffle, with a grand prize of $10,000.

Yes, you heard right.

When you buy a ticket in the Chayal el Chayal Raffle you support an amazing and life-changing organization and for just $36 you get the chance to win $10,000!

It’s a win-win situation.

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