A Home for Single Girls in Crown Heights

The Living Chassidus women’s group is more than just a place to grow. It’s a home for single girls who feel alone in Crown Heights.

Seven years ago, directors Michal and Sharon Weiss launched Crown Heights women’s group Living Chassidus with a mission: to help single girls find meaning in Chassidus.

Soon, the Weisses realized that there were other unmet needs for singles living in the neighborhood, especially those without family in the area. They began to offer programming and support for these young women. One particular area of focus is to help the singles through the shidduchim process.

Current programs include shiurim, farbrengens, social events, shidduchim help, kallah classes, pregnancy and postpartum assistance, and life skills programs that prepare women practically for their current and future lives.

Will you help Living Chassidus continue to empower Crown Heights women? The annual fundraising campaign is happening NOW, raising $56,000 to fund these amazing programs .

If you agree with any of the principles mentioned above, you can contribute by clicking here.

To find out more about Living Chassidus and it’s programs, visit livingchassidus.org.

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