A Gift to a Faraway Shlucha

Two shluchos have teamed up to bring in those who can’t afford airfare to the kinus. Help them in their efforts to leave no shlucha behind.

By Anash.org reporter

Eight years ago, a shlucha heard about a fellow shlucha who wanted to participate in the kinus, but could not, for a reason that tore at her heart. This shlucha did not have a newborn. She wasn’t due to give birth. There was no simcha in her shul for which she had to be present. The only thing holding her back was that she could not afford the ticket.

That day, she began a fund to help her sister shluchos who did not have the money to pay for a plane ticket to New York. With the help of a few others, she was able to bring in 15 shluchos who otherwise would have had to stay home.

The initiative, started 8 years ago as an email request, has grown into full fledged fundraising campaign to assist shluchos from all over the world who cannot afford the airfare to join their fellow shluchos at the annual Kinus Convention. The dynamic duo who run this campaign want nothing more than to ensure that no shlucha will have to miss her yearly dose of chizuk and inspiration for lack of funds.

The kinus was of great important to the Rebbe – so important that the fee for the actual kinus was not allowed to be more than just a symbolic amount, with the Rebbe covering the rest of it.

Shluchos who come in for the Kinus gain their inspiration for the year – enabling them to return to their communities and serve them with strength, joy and all that it takes to be a shlucha – especially in some of these far flung places!

The first year, 15 shluchos were helped with funds for tickets, and last year the number exceeded 30 shluchos, with over $30,000 and thousands of airline miles raised. Those who were helped didn’t merely attend the conference; many of them served on panels and spoke for local organizations, paying forward the kindness by inspiring many others.

We can do that again with YOUR help. As this initiative has grown, there are more requests for help than money available to fulfill them. You can light up a shlucha’s year by helping her attend this year’s kinus. Any amount is helpful as every dollar adds up!

The fund has received requests for tickets that cost $700 – $2,000 each; donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated.  

There are several easy ways to contribute including Paypal and Venmo. To donate using checks, credit cards or other methods, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].

If you know a shlucha who is not coming for financial reasons, please share the following form with her- in English or in Hebrew– and we will make every effort to bring her in.

May you be bentched to always be on the giving end. And remember -every single dollar adds up. Together we can do it!

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