A Farbrengen at Your Fingertips

A Chassidisher Derher has launched its yearly raffle raising funds to cover the costs associated with the compilation and production of The Derher.

Life has its ups and downs. 

The highs are easy to navigate. The lows? Less so.

There may be times when you may feel disengaged or disconnected. A Chassidishe Yomtov is coming up and you just feel uninspired. You open your books and have a hard time getting into the learning.

In short, you are in desperate need of a lifeline, a farbrengen. A moment in time of pure connection to the Rebbe and to his teachings.

A farbrengen on demand is a luxury that you left behind in Yeshiva. So what’s the solution?

A Chassidishe Derher.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, a scholar, author and lecturer relates: 

“The Derher gets more readable and engaging every edition. 

The article on Mivtza Torah was an excellent way to deliver the Rebbe’s horaos, sticking to the toichen of the sichos without getting bogged down in the standard, heavy leshonos. It reads as though the words were originally spoken in English – which is just the sort of presentation the Rebbe asked for on many occasions. 

After reading it, I could smell the herring and scotch on my kapota, mamesh like I had just come out of a chassidishe farbrengen with the chevra. And yes, I made a new kevius.”

For eight years now A Chassidisher Derher has been providing quality, captivating and authentic content to its readership around the globe.

While the yearly subscription to the Derher does entail a fee; the reality is that this fee only covers a fraction of the costs associated with the compilation, design, production and distribution of The Derher. The Derher is always aiming to do better and hundreds of hours of work are invested into each issue to ensure that every single page is brimming with both information and inspiration.

The Derher Raffle will help them cover their yearly budget and enable them to continue to produce A Chassidisher Derher every single month.

You can win $10,000 Cash!

What’s more? 70 lucky winners will win a 6 month subscription to The Derher!

Visit Raffle.Derher.org for more information and to purchase tickets. Use code Early Bird With your donation of $70 or more to double your chances!

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