A Day in the Life of a ‘770 Bochur’

Watch: Every day in the life of a ‘770 bochur’ is crucial for providing him with a solid foundation for the rest of his life. Help give this experience to every bochur.

A Bochur’s time in between Yeshiva Gedola and marriage is an extremely valuable time as they take all that they have learned in their many years of Yeshiva and strengthen their foundation upon which they will build their homes and families.

The 770 Yeshiva is there for these bochurim providing them with structure, guidance and instruction as they navigate this critical period of their lives.

Help give this opportunity to as many bochurim as possible by joining the 770 Yeshiva campaign.

You can win $30,000!

The raffle will be drawn IY”H on Wednesday, July 22 at 23:59 PM.

For more information and to take part visit: 770Yeshiva.com

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